Project Objective:
To design an effective throwing machine that will help a disabled student that has limited abilities to participate in physical recreation.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Prototype Progress Report:

After realizing there wasn't any wood that would be useful to us on campus and free, we went to Home Depot and purchased a few pieces of wood, a board 2ftx3, and some skinnier pieces of wood about 24 inches long. We also went to BIG5 sporting goods store and bought a big red bouncy ball to use as we thought she would enjoy the vibrant color. We then went back to our workplace and began to get exact measurments we would need of the wood and began to saw wood. The process of sawing wood didn't go as planned and some of our pieces had broken in half. We managed to put together our first prototype after this, while cutting several pieces of wood, drilling them together, and then using a 'net' to hold the ball. The next day we went in to see John, machine shop faculty member, on campus and from there we did some critical brainstorming for a better prototype as he listened to our ideas and conveyed his.

First Prototype:

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